Faces have always intrigued me. From the years of youth through to the years that show the lines on one’s face…the life experiences...to the eyes, the joy, and the hardship of life.

From working in the controlled setting of a studio to the outdoors in situations that were often less controlled. I believe in the same objective…to take a photograph that reflects something about who is in front of your lens.

This is often not so easy as it seems.

Over the years I’ve photographed models, actors, soldiers in conflict areas, to disaster sites where human tragedy is often a way of life.

It’s the eyes that I find fascinating when I take a portrait. The eyes are the soul of each of us and to make a successful portrait, look through the eyes of who is in front of your camera and tell their story.

Tuol Sleng Torture Center, Cambodia
Tuol Sleng Torture Center, Cambodia
Pakistan earthquake. 2006
Phnom Penh dumpsite, Cambodia
Pakistan earthquake aftermath 2006
China Leprosy Project 2006
Thai-Cambodia border fighting 1997
Balakot, Pakistan 2006
Balakot earthquake, Pakistan 2005
China Leprosy Project. 2006
China earthquake aftermath, 2009
A Dream
Nepal earthquake 2015
Nepal (2015)
Bangkok streets
Pakistan earthquake survivors
Leprosy Project: Out Of The Darkness
Pakistan earthquake survivors
Pakistan, 2007
Pakistan, 2006
Child with AIDS, 2001
Slum in Bangladesh, 2005
Leprosy Project: Out Of The Darkness
Leprosy Project: Out Of The Darkness
China, 2006
Northern Thailand, 2004
Dhaka, Bangladesh