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Fine Art

Fine Art Photography is influenced by an idea, emotions and a theme, as seen through the eyes of the photographer.

Light and shadows play an important role in creating fine art images.

Some of the images I included in the fine art category were done over a period of over 45 years ago, with an influence of art. My girlfriend during my years at Art Center was in numerous images in the mid-1970s. She was a natural and took chances to make an idea work.

In my fashion shoots I did back in the 70s, my intention was to create images that had the look and feel of fine art.

When I moved to Thailand in 1990 my intention was to create in my  documentary images the same feel of going a bit further than capturing the moment.

In October 1990 a mass gravesite was discovered in Kananchaburi, Thailand of hundreds of remains of prisoners of war who worked on the bridge over the River Kwai. Thousands perished under the brutal Japanese from disease, lack of food and the torture. The remains were sent to a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, with the cremation in late November.  The ones I shot were surreal, amidst the clouds of smoke that gulfed the skulls, to be released to the winds.

I have always been influenced by art and tend to put that influence into my work, whether it be in documentary, fashion and portraiture.

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